Friday, January 13, 2012

Garden market reminder and new friends

Saturday 9-10am

Come on by to harvest some greens and catch up with your neighbors.  Donations greatly appreciated.  Bring a bag for your booty!  Trip to the Barton Creek Mall Farmers Market after that.

Meet Winston.  He and his mom Ginger showed up thursday night while Brett and I were covering the plants for the big freeze.  He wanted to come in, but wasn't quite sure about what we were doing with these big sheets of plastic, so stayed outside the fence watching and flirting :)  Brett gave him a piece of broccoli which his mom said he only ate when disguised in some other food stuff.  He proceeded to happily prove her wrong and chomped away the whole time we were there.


  1. This from the Framer's Market website-
    Bring a new shopper to the Barton Creek Mall Farmer's market! S/He will receive two $5 vouchers to spend at the market on two different Saturdays and you will receive a $5 voucher!

  2. Oh my I did mean Farmer's Market not framer's market.... didn't mean to get all crafty/tea party on you....

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