Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tues. Sept 17th-Opportunity to help design sustainable garden beds and learn about soil

We had a great turn out at the wicking bed workshop last weekend and eagerly began emptying out the tallest garden bed to install our wicking system (click on link to learn more)

while shoveling out soil, we noticed the perimeter wood frame we installed three years ago was rotting and the structure, without the soil, had become very rickety.  

We had been told by our garden consultants at the time of initial construction that the Douglas Fir wood planks we used would eventually rot over time and need to be replaced...so we thought we would take this opportunity to look at OTHER types of raised bed construction that would be ECO, ECONOMICAL, BEAUTIFUL and SUSTAINABLE!  Some of the suggestions were cinder block, stone masonry and recycled plastic wood plank decking as perimeter building materials.  Our plan is to do some research this week and meet back at the garden next TUESDAY, Sept. 17th at 7pm to present options, brainstorm and come up with a SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION.  We welcome ALL to come and join the brain trust.  

In addition, we will have a guest speaker, Patrick of Microbial Earth Farm, who will talk to us about soil testing and food forests!  

Hope you can stop by for the "constructive" fun!


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