About us

The Rollingwood Community Education Garden was formed by a group of neighbors who wanted to connect to their community and the soil.  This is a communal garden, small in scale but big on ideas about connectivity and sustainability.

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  1. I love what you are doing here. I am an environmental educator and artist who builds artistic bat houses - one of which won the "Best of Austin" last year. The structure is 27' tall, built of Tufa (peat, sand, vermiculite, cement) so it looks cave-like. It sits on top of a dirt mound which can be planted and fertilized by guano. There are photos on my website: www.barbaraattwell.net. I would love to collaborate with you on one for the food forest. I also helped with the Bandit Cave restoration in Rollingwood many years ago - I love your neighborhood. Thanks, Barbara Attwell 412.262.2054 battwella@gmail.com