Garden Build-Day1 March 2011
Our cistern is delivered!

The beginning of our 20'x40' enclosure

3-4'x12' raised beds were constructed out of 2"x10" pine

4"x4" Cedar posts were for fencing

lunch break

Caliche found onsite was used to stabilize fenceposts instead of concrete

Some fence holes needed the big guns 

3 layers of cardboard were placed in and around beds to keep down weeds

Garden Build-day 2 

Placing and trenching the beds level

Braces were placed inside beds to keep them from bowing

Livy, our mascot

Ruth, quality control

First Spring Planting March 26, 2011

 Beds planted, trellis' and fence in

 Cedar painted with linseed oil to preserve

 First sprouts!

  Setting the cistern on a bed of pea gravel enclosed in a 2x6 box to keep it level

 The garden is growing!

 Waking up teenager to help in garden

 Our first form of composting

 Cable structure for netting and shade cloth
End-of Season Garden Harvest

 First Compost!
 Garden Bounty

What a great first season!
Thanks to Everyone, especially Mother Earth

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