Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I learned on our first Community Work Day in the Garden

1) The Romans got nothin’ on us.
Turns out the thunder and rain that had me nervous about moving a large metal object through a wide open field, was not an issue for our fearless construction gurus, Kirby Fry and Jason Haddock. Anne Turner, Paul Crocker, Jerry Fleming, Don Harris and the lovely Ananda (Kirby’s daughter), did a fine job navigating our 2500 gallon cistern through the tight path of the playground despite the cold blustery morning.

2) Not everyone checks their emails hourly, THANK GOD!
Cause there was lots to do before the 2pm delayed work day.  We had fenceposts to set, raised beds to build, dirt and mulch to haul.  Luckily the bad weather passed and we got to it.  By the afternoon we had a full crew of big kids, little kids, dogs, curious park-goers, neighbors all pitching in and excited about growing things.

3) Rollingwood is full of hardworking, generous humans.

Thanks so much for the love and effort you poured into this garden. We are on our way to something amazing.