Monday, June 30, 2014

Another wonderful growing season

Aloha Jeff, we will miss you!

Thank you for another wonderful growing season!  It was a blast creating the food forest together in the spring and screening Farm City-State this summer.  As we approach July, the garden goes into summer lock-down where we only water what is thriving or about to produce in order to save our precious reserves for the fall. Since this summer has been so wet, it's less of a concern, but the humidity and heat are making up for it, and I look forward to going dormant till the end of August.

For those that choose to continue gardening, more power! Just remember to lock the gate, shut off the water and report any suspicious behavior to "US" and the Rollingwood police.

I will leave you with a remarkable manifesto on food by Wendell Berry

Have a BEAUTIFUL SUMMER and 4th of JULY!

FYI- Next steering committee meeting will be held Sunday, Sept. 7th, 3pm at the garden