Thursday, February 21, 2013

RWCEG hosts RWC- Tues. Feb.26th 5-7pm

We are so excited to unveil our latest project to the Rollingwood Women's Club next Tuesday at their monthly meeting.  It's something we've been working on really since the garden's inception and is crucial to our mission to educate and inspire our community about how to grow your own food sustainably.

Early this month we installed four 18"x 36" signs on the exterior of the garden's perimeter fence explaining our mission, square foot gardening, rainwater collection and composting methods employed in the garden.

The text was created by Abigail King, graphics by Lisa Kirkpatrick and a group effort was headed by Don Harris to install the signs.  They're up for all to see and create a fun and informative addition to the hike and bike trail.

Thanks Rollingwood Women's Club for funding this important addition to the lower park!

Our guest speaker for the meeting will be 
Dick Pierce, of the Sustainable Food Center's "Citizen Gardner" program.  Dick is a force of nature when it comes to inspiring others to grow and connect with their community through food and I hope you can all come to the garden to hear him speak at 6pm Tues. Feb. 26th

Since the meeting starts a bit earlier than usual, 5pm, we wanted to create an activity for any kids that might arrive in tow.  Our scarecrow is in dire need of some new attire; old clothes, gloves, scarves, hats, and wigs plundered from your dress-up stash would be much appreciated.  With the help of the kids, we hope to keep her looking fresh.

Here's some inspiration.  See you at the garden soon!


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